The Battle for Olympus is Upon Us.

A general preview of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising has appeared at Curse Gaming. While the beginning of the preview covers information that is becoming common knowledge to Gods & Heroes afficionados, the previewer does include a selection of his thoughts on the various levels of the game he experienced and the combat / questing / and minion control that he experienced in each segment of the game.

Level 40 was a whole new ballgame - I had my maximum number of minions available - 4 to be exact - and was again a Priest. This time, I was a more healing-centric specialization, and had several auras that augmented the entire group, though only one could be up at a time. We were also placed into a group for the first time at level 40, to take our first look at the Elder Game content available in Gods & Heroes. We were sent into an instanced dungeon with the maximum number of players - 5 - to do battle with a Telchine boss - Chalcon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016