Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online Screenshot Gallery

Gallery Three: The Goblins

They're short, they're green, they're ugly, and they're dangerous. For as long as man has had those dark corners in his room, there has been Goblins. Little green malicious men whose soul purpose is to cause havoc and fear and in Warhammer they're no different... just meaner and nastier. Some of them even have pets that are as mean as they are. Hungry for conquest, the Goblins have allied themselves with the Orcs, adding their cunning to the massive brawn of the larger green brutes. Having marched with the Orcs and captured the nigh impenetrable fortress, Karak Eight Peaks, the Goblins are ready to use their deviousness to plunder even more Dwarven cities. Take a walk through the Gallery of the Goblins and notice how even the largest evil can come in smaller packages.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016