If you're interested in the Warrior Priest then you'll want to check out Gamespot. This company has just released an interview about the Warrior Priest career and the Empire faction in general. Here's a peek:

...The one that we might relate to the most is the human-based Empire faction, with its horse-mounted knights and medieval-like warriors. And one of the most unique units in the Empire faction is the warrior priest, a warrior that combines melee combat with holy-power abilities, such as healing injured teammates and strengthening them with magical spells that "buff" their abilities. The warrior priests can easily be identified on the battlefield thanks to their long robes and vestments, as well as their signature war hammer. To answer our questions about the warrior priest class and the Empire faction, we turned to senior designer Steve Marvin and content manager Doug Woolsey....

You can read the entire article Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016