Your Garrison is your home away from home in Draenor. In fact, you probably spend the grand majority of time in this bastion of your power. You probably feel like you have seen all there is to see, however, you may be wrong. Inside your Garrison are tons of tiny hidden secrets and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. These tiny tidbits are lurking in the most unsuspecting of places and you may have already

Pippers the Pug

Running around the Alliance Garrison is a very peculiar pug. Barking and digging, it may seem like Pippers has some serious excitement issues. While this may be true, Pippers excitement becomes really useful to you. This pug loves nothing more than to hide Garrison Resources for you to find. If you have a Level 2 Garrison, simply follow Pippers around and click on the dirt piles he leaves behind. Much more useful than say; a dog dragging his lava spewing butt on your freshly scrubbed floors.


Pepe is perhaps one of my most favorite (and most useless) Garrison hidden gems. This little guy is an adorable little bird that hides in a tree in your Garrison. If you find Pepe and manage to click on him, he will perch atop your head and keep you company for the next hour. Pepe will even remain in place if you leave your Garrison. Wondering what inspired the super cute Pepe? His creator has finally released his origins.

Staying Regular

If you don't know by now, your Garrison comes equipped with an Outhouse. This fixture might seem like pure whimsy, however, a secret is hidden here. Use your outhouse by clicking on the door and you will sit down to do your business. This will instantly give you an achievement; Staying Regular. As an added bonus, players that use the john will get the Relieved buff that grants 2% increased run speed for 5 minutes.

Justin Timberlord

Inside the Lumbermill of an Alliance Garrison players can find Justin Timberlord. It is pretty obvious that this guy is a tribute to Justin Timberlake, an icon to teen girls who grew up in the 1990s. The in-game version of this celebrity is pretty famous as well, as he seems to be part of a musical band of lumberjacks. The name of the band? N'Swing.

Fishing Pond Loot

Another hidden secret that will result in more free Garrison Resources lies in your Fishing Pond. While this pond seems pretty transparent, a secret is lurking just below the surface. Jump into the waters and swim into the cave on the back wall. Inside the cave will be a stash of loot Click on it for some super easy bonus resources and then exit the cave and swim back to the surface.

Ken Loggin

For slightly more mature players who may not appreciate Justin Timberlord, there is another lumberjack just for you. Found outside the Level 2 Alliance Garrison, players can find an NPC named Ken Loggin. Ken seems to be a tribute to Kenny Loggins, who is best known for his soft rock beginning in the 1970s. Besides belting out tunes, Kenny is also the voice of the disc jockey in Grand Theft Auto V's “Los Santos Rock Radio”.

Ray D. Tear

At the graveyard just outside your Garrison you will find a tombstone marked with the name Ray D. Tear. While theories and stories abound on the reason for this grave, the most common consensus is that Ray D. Tear = Raid Tier. A symbol that the creating of the Garrisons cost us, the players, an entire raid tier thanks to the time and resources needed to creature functioning player housing. So R.I.P Ray D. Tear, we wish we could have known you.


A treat just for the Horde, this Troll can be found inside the Horde Barracks. While we can't say for sure, it seems this NPC is a tribute to Mos Def, an American hip hop recording artist, actor, and activist. Mos Def showed up on the music scene in 1994 in the rap group Thermo Dynamics, however, most recently Mos Def has been acting in films like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Italian Job, and portraying Brother Sam in Dexter. Mos Def has also been very vocal about many social and political causes including police brutality and the continued subjugation of Black Americans. If Moz'def, the Troll, is as passionate about similar issues remains to be seen.

Trader Joseph

Trader Joes, the American chain of specialty stores, has become immensely popular with both old and young in recent years. Founded in California and with the heaviest concentration of stores found in this state, it is no wonder that Trader Joes has caught the attention of Blizzard employees. This attention has lead to the appearance of a very special NPC inside the Alliance Garrison; Trader Joseph. Staffing your Trading Post, naturally, Trader Joseph is very likely a small nod to this trendy chain of markets.

That wraps up our list of Garrison hidden secrets and Easter Eggs. Which of these sweet surprises have you been able to find? Have you found any other hidden delights not mentioned in this article? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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