By Garrett Fuller, Industry Relations

Stargate Worlds continues to gain in momentum as the year progresses. After their debut trailer at the beginning of 2008, the team is now starting to show off some game play elements as well as give us a closer look at the environments. The Cheyenne Mountain team gave us a walk through of the different environments while at GDC and also answered some technical questions about the development of the game.

Kevin Balentine and Demetrius Comes were on hand to run through a new trailer that the Stargate team is working on currently. Hopefully it will be released soon. However we got a good look at some very cool environments in the Stargate universe players will have the chance to travel too as well as fight it out. Using the gates to travel to all these different worlds the design team has several planets to build while creating the game.

Agnos was the first planet we got a chance to look at. It is an artificial planet that was constructed by the Ancients. The Ancients were killed off by plague and decided to build Agnos in order to ascend. Some succeeded and some did not, however the planet remains. Kevin described the planet as a giant battery. Players will have the chance to explore and learn a lot about the Stargate universe from this planet. [img_assist|nid=27263|title=|desc=Agnos is a planet built by The Ancients|link=popup|align=right|width=100|height=60]

We got a chance to check out the icy wastes of The Castle zone. The Castle is a prison zone that is one of the starting locations for the OP-Core. Players are submerged into a storyline that walks them through the Castle and gets them started on quests and the developing plot in Stargate Worlds. The snow outside is unforgiving and players will have their hands full checking out the futuristic prison.

The next environment we saw was called Anima Vitrus. Known as the living planet, Anima Vitrus offers players an exotic location to explore and discovery the unique ecosystem of a foreign planet. The plants are huge and players will have to journey and fight it out through the jungles and overgrown flora. The ecosystem on Anima Vitrus is alive and also contains a lot of ancient architecture which plays into the history of the Stargate Universe.

The newest environment we got to see was Lucia which is known as the junk planet. The planet is run by criminal organizations that are fighting for power. The planet is characterized by it wasteland style design and huge piles of rubble. Players will have a lot of options in this zone with loads of criminals and factions to work against or with. Needless to say Lucia has a lot to offer players as a hostile environment for combat and questing. The point that the Stargate team wanted to make was that every time you go through the gate you really are hitting a new world.
[img_assist|nid=27268|title=|desc=Lucia is a planet run by criminal factions|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=75]

Demetrius Comes was on hand to answer some tech questions about the game. The game will be PC only at launch and will be playable on both Vista and XP operating systems. Demetrius said that they are hoping for a reasonable spec when it comes to what players will need on their computers to run the game smoothly. He did say that if they can lower it they will to allow as many players a chance to play without going out and buying a new system.

The biggest thing that the Stargate team faces is building out these huge worlds for players to explore. While the worlds are important the team hopes to have plenty of options for players to customize their characters and make them really feel like part of the Stargate Universe. The game also plans to go with a Teen rating to bring in a strong audience of all ages. The last item we spoke about was weaponry. The team was quick to say that there will be loads of weapon options for players in Stargate Worlds. The P90s and staff weapons were mentioned specifically; however I expect we’ll see more from the team soon.

We would like to thank the Stargate team for meeting with us at GDC and are happy to see they continue to show off new content at each show. Hopefully in the next few months we will get a great sense of the game as the team gears up to go into beta and eventually launch us into the Stargate World. As for that third Stargate series coming to Sci-Fi Channel, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016