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This one was an eye-opener. Vivox makes custom voice solutions for MMO game developers, in fact they're working with CCP and EVE Online at present. Think you don't need it? Think Teamspeak or Ventrilo are good enough? You haven't seen Vivox at work, my friend. Imagine, if you will, professionally done voice morphs for different races (or perhaps a little more oomph in your voice as you increase in level)? What if your spellcasting efficiency wasn't a random roll, but was based on how clearly you say the words? The capability is coming!

Sharma demoed the service through EVE Online (which will integrate Vivox later this year) with a colleague in Boston, and it sounded as clear as I've ever heard voice, recorded or live (64kb, which degrades to a more than adequate 20kb depending on network conditions). But the real value of Vivox is in the functionality. Other solutions talk in the 5-20 user range, Vivox is infinitely scalable; it can do whatever kind of voice integration the developer wants for the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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