In this week's Premium Member article, we discuss the virtues and lack there of surrounding the apparent trend that level will always trump skill in a game which showcases such a mundane and clunky way of character advancement... sorry, that's my opinion being projected onto the topic. I long for the days of old when level advancement didn't necessarily mean insta-death to other players.

I suppose there are some games to address this. In EVE, numbers on your side and time spent playing and honing your skills as a pilot are more a benefactor than any amount of skills you've trained sometimes. The same can be said of preview versions of Jumpgate: Evolution that we've seen. But I wonder if there will ever be an avatar-based MMOG that lets a newbie with the right skills come in and take out a veteran who simply managed to ninja his or her way to the right loots?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016