This is going to get a little bit more personal than my usual fare, but bare with me. Those of you who read my blog might know that I'm going through a bit of a rough time in my life. The awesome part is, I'm a pretty resilient cat. A good weekend of coping, and I was off and picking up the pieces of a broken life with Gorilla Glue in hand. Why cry over spilled milk, even if the puddle is enormous? Just clean it up and move on, right?

I'm not quite as bold and nonchalant as this guy though. For instance my Death Knight is still languishing at around 58.5, and I haven't played any game since Wednesday. But it's not because I'm sitting home moping and delving into box after box of softbatch cookies. I'm cleaning the condo for sale. I'm getting my own bills in order. I'm looking for jobs in places I could never go before. And I'm flirting with women because I can and without guilt.

It's odd how things happen. Just a little over two weeks ago, I'd have said that I knew where I was headed, and who I was headed there with. Now, the entire world is open before me. I've got to go looking for someone new, who's hopefully a little less insane and unbalanced, and I've got the knowledge and experience to hopefully get it right the next time.

We all will float on, eh?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016