I know that the fact that the guy who worked as a technical director on Benjamin Button being a WoW guild leader isn't exactly like saying Sean Penn is a level 80 Undead Rogue, or Kate Winslet for that matter. Though ever since her part in Eternal Sunshine, I've harbored a fantasy that she's a secret nerd and desperately wants to meet a guy named JoBildo who doodles cartoons for Ten Ton Hammer.

Where was I? Oh right. Well Steve Preeg is apparently a big time WoW fan. He's really into it. He just won an Oscar. Does this mean, because of the public profile, that we can finally call MMOGs mainstream? Probably not. I mean if Toyota Tundra commercials, Mr. T., Bill Shatner, Vern Troyer, a Pro Football player, and Superman aren't enough for people to realize these things are big business I'm not sure what it would take.

Maybe Jesus will come back and confess his love for the Alliance (or Horde?). Maybe then we can finally just put that silly question to rest.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016