Beatles song aside, this trend of Blizzard C&D-ing just about anyone who comes out with something that uses their software in new and interesting ways is pretty alarming at first. But in reality, what I think their heads would say is that they're protecting their future interests. The way they see it is that if someone comes out with something like the new iPhone app that allows WoW to be played on Apple's uber-popular gadget, that's something Blizzard wants in on. The best way to be able to take advantage of that? C&D orders, baby.

It may not be pretty. It may seem quite totalitarian on their part. But don't be surprised if a while from now an official Blizzard version of that app is out and about for $10 a pop. I mean there's already apparently something rumbling over at Activision right this very moment.

Many thanks to Matt B. for his inspiration on this strip!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016