When I read that Mark Jacobs and crew at Mythic were finally caving in and hosting official forums, I nearly spit out my drink. This would have been bad because this is the only keyboard I have at the moment. In any case, there's lots of great stuff from Mythic being added and fixed into their game in the next few months. But this one spoke the loudest to me.

What it says in my eyes is that Mythic's realizing some mistakes they've made. They know they have a kick-butt core of a game, and they're aiming to make it more than that. They want it to be everything the players want it to be and more. How can they work towards that? They make a place where the players and game staff can openly communicate, instead of spreading that communication across so many different communities.

Bold move, and the right one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016