Cryptic recently put a date on their next MMOG, Champions Online. A release date that makes it the shortest developed MMOG that I know of. Though it's probably safe to say they used some of their work from the cancelled Marvel Universe Online to drive Champions.

In any case, I'm getting more and more psyched to try out the evolution of the Superhero Online Game. I adored City of Heroes, but I'm ready for something new in the sub-genre. Hell, the very fact that Cryptic is letting players fully customize their power set has me sold.

The Magnificent JoBildo with the power to make women's thighs quiver and ovaries go into overdrive is just a few months away folks.

*Glances at the Champions Online website*

Okay, so he'll just have super-strength and laser beams from his crotch eyes instead. Stupid MSRB...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016