We all have our happy place that we go to when we're being yelled at by people we don't like. RadarX takes you to his happy place in EverQuest 2, where you'll find midgets, slot machines, and all you can eat buffets. If that didn't creep you out, take a look inside to find out which zone is designed the best, and which is the worst.

Most of us who have played EverQuest 2 for some time through alt (alternate character) after alt, have a special place we always love to see. A zone of wonder and amusement, that never gets old no matter how many times we go there. A place of such ingenious design, that to find flaws in it, would be akin to the treasonous behavior of believing Star Wars was better when re-released. For many, opinions vary on which zone is best, and I'm sure they change as content is added. You know how the saying goes, opinions are ....what? Get your mind out of the gutter! I was going to say "what makes everyone different." Here is mine...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016