Move over Jeff Goldblum, there's a new mad scientist in town! Krunnk's latest foray into the world of reporting has him upsetting the very balance of nature and using teleporters in ways never intended. Scotty would never have approved!

A large ogre waves enthusiastically with a free hand as he clutches a microphone in his other, his mammoth mit dwarfing the instrument. Dressed in a much too small tan suit that threatens to rip and shred with every excited motion, he adjusts the bright red bowtie at his neck as he smiles happily to the camera.

“This Krunnk for TipToeHamster news reportin’ to you instead of Coyotee ‘cause him call in SICK.” The Ogre introduces as he leans in confiding to the camera. “He got in trouble for doin’ butt scootchies on good rug.” Krunnk whispers as he steps back with an amused grin.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016