Do you have certain places in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning that you like to go with new characters? Places that rank among your favorites? Well, so do the folks over at GOA! They've put together a little something describing some of their favorite places in the world of Warhammer

The Warhammer World is a vast and varied place filled with dark dungeons, lofty peaks, grim fortresses, blood-soaked plains and dense forests. From the staggering natural beauty of Ulthuan to the ordered symmetry of Dwarf mines and the riotously haphazard Orcish warcamps, every zone is unique. No doubt you have your own favorite places. Perhaps you saw it unfold before you for the first time and your jaw dropped, perhaps it was the site of your favorite battle or you just really, really liked the way things were laid out. Everyone has their own reasons for liking a place.

We thought we'd share ours with you. Maybe you'll see familiar places in a new way or maybe you'll be tempted to put your wandering boots on and savor the scenery in a place you've never been to before

You can see if you share any of the same favorite spots when you head over to the WAR Herald!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016