Gamehelper Concludes Its Interview with Steig Hedlund

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is due to release sometime at the end of this year. Steig Hedlund took time to talk to the folks at recently and today you can read part 2 of this interview.

GH: Do you see players leaning more toward a particular type of class or quest over another? If so, how will you go about getting players to explore the different types of classes/quests?

SH: Well, although we do have those quests – you know – those basic ‘Go kill this many of these or go fetch that rake’ quests – but we have a pretty robust system that can help them to make quests much more interactive an interesting – tailoring them for each class. The quests will sort of drive cooperation at a certain level – we want people to accomplish some things on their own so they’re not blocked in though.

Head over and read the full interview to learn more. Did you miss Part I? Check it out as well. When you're done, let us know your thoughts about this game right here in our forums at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016