McKibbin talks strategy and accessibility in Gods & Heroes

Don't "get" Gods & Heroes? Try out this plebeian-friendly interview with Perpetual President Chris McKibbin on what mold-breaking features Gods & Heroes has to offer.

At a simple level you can imagine it this way. I'm a gladiator character and my gladiator character is, as you can imagine, the most powerful hand-to-hand battler/damage-doer in the game. If I choose to go into battle with three infantrymen with me, we're going to attack the situation and we're going to play a situation very differently than if I choose to go in with 2 healers and a magic caster. Same encounter, same situation, same end goal that I'm trying to achieve; strategically how I accomplish that and what I need to do in those two scenarios? Fundamentally different. And I get to do that myself. One day I get to play with three infantry guys, the next day I get to play with two healers and a magic caster.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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