Video Interview with Stieg Hedlund of Gods & Heroes

Stieg Hedlund is one of the more soft-spoken legends of the games industry. Maybe you haven't heard of Stieg, but you've probably played Blizzard Entertainment's vaunted RPG Diablo or its incredibly successful followup Diablo 2 (released in 2000), which was a highly successful online multiplayer game in it's own right. Stieg was credited with Lead Design Dirctor on both Diablo titles, so he's no stranger to great gameplay and compelling storylines. We talked with Stieg at the recent SOE Gamer Day about making the move into Massively Multiplayer Online Games (and a fresh new IP) with Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, and discussed his favorite design elements of this mythological MMO slated to release later this year.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016