Ten Ton Hammer has been eagerly anticipating the action-orientated Vindictus, with its promise of combat mayhem for quite some time. To learn more about this free-to-play game, we tracked down Chris Gyselinck, Assistant Producer from Nexon. He agreed to give us our answers after we showed him some of our patented fighting moves!

TTH: Let’s get into detail with the character customization then. Is anybody going to be a healer? How do those characters you take work? What about the holy trinity of MMOGs of tank, healer, and DPS?

Chris Gyselinck: First of all, while there is a little bit of that holy trinity, it’s not quite the same as your average MMOG. I think the reason for that is that this is more of an action based game so it has a different dynamic to begin with.

Get into the guts of Vindictus with Ghris Gyselinck.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016