I think I'm confident in saying that this will be the final issue of Goob & Begud. It was never intended to be a very lengthy run, but I had trouble finding a way to end it, because I'd honestly grown attached to the gnome, his dwarven mate, and of course Bartle.

But the goal was always to make Geeked into a thrice-weekly strip, with recurring characters and some semblance of story, and to do that it's time to shut the lid on ol' G&B. That's not to say they might not pop back up somehow... say if some characters in Geeked happen to play WoW as a hobby. But this chapter of their lives has ended.

And with only minimal butt-wounds.

Hope you enjoyed the adventures of G&B and remember you can always read through them all via the archive!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016