When I heard that Blizzard would be allowing the changing of one's character's sex, I wanted to do this comic as an issue of Geeked. But it made more sense if we just held off, waited until Goob got to camp the Howling Fjord, and then pulled it out of the hat.

Really, isn't the ability to change just about anything outside of actual class in World of Warcraft a perfect allegory for life in Western Culture? As part of our consumerist ways, there's barely anything left someone can't change about his or herself, provided they have the cash-flow.

But back to Azeroth... why can't we change our class for a fee? Say someone has a level capped character (or even a few). Maybe that person wants to play a different class because they're tired of being kept from dungeons as the guild has enough Hunters and doesn't need them. So why not allow this person, who's obviously a fan of your game (enough that they've already leveled at least one character), to change their class so that they might be able to raid and run 5-mans easier.

Maybe I'm reaching here, but Blizzard could even put in some sort of quest series that would serve as a tutorial for the new class when the player logged in for the first time to their new character. They don't have to give the newly christened healer (or whatnot) gear, let the player be responsible for that through the AH and running dungeons and quests. But I think it'd be a pretty valuable tool for players with a class at the end-game they find they just don't jive with. I'd pay 15 or 25 bucks for a chance to change the Paladin I don't use into a Priest so that I could heal my friends and guildies. Wouldn't you?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016