BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk recently sat down for a chat with Games Industry about his history in the gaming industry, EA, and his legacy with BioWare. It’s an enlightening interview that offers some of Zeschuk’s own experiences in founding BioWare and life at EA following its acquisition topped by bitter news that he is unlikely to return to the industry in the future.

Zeschuk reflected on the people that BioWare helped build and how proud he was of each of them as well as the developer’s acquisition by EA. Despite some fairly negative press surrounding EA, most recently with it being voted the Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” for the second consecutive year, Zeschuk doesn’t regret the decision and reflected on his time at the publishing giant but did offer some advice for Indy studios considering a sellout to a big publisher. Zeschuk advised waiting as long as possible and then do so only if necessary with a publisher that your company could survive with.

Unfortunately, Zeschuk is unlikely to return to the gaming industry for anything more than a possible consultation.

“I think advising and consulting is probably the limit for me, Zeschuk told Games Industry. In building a business and making a game company, it is a kind of been there, done that feeling. When you've checked off all the boxes, why do it again? I don't really imagine a full-time gig in the business appealing to me - I just don't see it.”

That is a sad statement of loss for every gamer, and the gaming industry will be poorer for it. For now, Zeschuk is perfectly content with his new web series, the Beer Diaries, which focuses on promoting and celebrating the craft of those nice cold beverages.

You can read Zeschuk’s full interview at Games Industry if you want to learn more about his time with EA and pleasures and pains of the current gaming culture, and where he sees the market heading next.

Source: Games Industry

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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