Nik Davidson is a grumpy, grumpy man. He's mildly grumpy on Mondays, he's more grumpy on Wednesdays, and he's especially grumpy on Fridays. Is this because the pressures of his job wear on him as the week progresses? Or is it because he loves his job so much, and gets more and more grumpy as the weekend -- and its two-day break from Turbine -- approaches? The world may never know.

But a lot of the sources of Nik's grumpiness are known. He's grumpy because we don't have any new screenshots. He's grumpy because we can't announce our beta signups yet. He's grumpy because you guys have been so good to us, and we want to give you something nice and juicy to discuss, but we can't right now. (Personally speaking, this makes me more cranky than grumpy, but I digress.) Soon though. Very soon.

Want to know what else makes him grumpy? Read on my friends, read on .....

- Steve "Xundau" Moy

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016