GU 42 gives me a little quiver in my toes! There are some exciting things on the horizon and Producer Bruce Ferguson gives us some of the highlights!

2) Also coming in this update are the new mannequins, which will allow you to show off your armor and weapons inside your house. If you're anxious to get one of these, be sure to touch base with your local crafting expert, who will be filling orders soon.

3) Searching for items that you care about on the broker will become much easier, as we have implemented the ability to search for items by the effect name on the item.

4) We've added a new Pet Options window to allow you to set your pet name, hide status and how they'll act around you.

There was also a little something about Epic Weapons Quests, but you'll have to visit EQ2 Players to find it all out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016