Last month Trion Worlds unveiled Meridian, home city of the Defiant, and with the Rift: Planes of Telara beta lurking just around the corner, it seems only fitting that the home city of the other major faction of Telara be revealed. This week a new video, screenshots and lore have been unveiled for the Guardian capital city of Sanctum, built by Telara's faithful. From within these walls, Telara's faithful Guardians strike back against the dragons and rift invasion forces in an attempt to cleans Telara of its corruptors and redeem their races in the eyes of the gods. Join us for a peek inside the faithful walls of Sanctum and find out what the Guardians have built their faith on.

Shortly after the sundering of the Ward, when the first Guardians returned, Borrin received a vision of a divine city emerging from the sea. He came to the coast of Silverwood, and an island rose before his eyes, solid stone with high, sheer sides. As the Vigil gave us the site for a city, they have given us a chance to restore Telara. Always remember, the gods give the gift of opportunity; the triumph must be our own.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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