Tier 2 Selections

Soldier - The Soldier is the first class in Tabula Rasa's combatant class sub-tree. Soldier classes are the primary combatants, doing the most direct damage on the battlefield. Most soldier abilities are concerned with aggressive, direct damage. While the Commando and Ranger classes do branch from here, a few of the skills you will carry on and use frequently.

  • Ability: Shrapnel - Utilize the power of Logos to manipulate kinetic energy to fling metallic shrapnel into a cloud that wounds nearby enemies. Training in the ability allows more damage and greater range. Requires the Projectile and Area Logos. Requires the Attack and Enhance Logos
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    Reflecting on Reflective!

    • Rank 1 - Radius: 6m Scrap Metal: 1
    • Rank 2 - Radius: 9m Scrap Metal: 3
    • Rank 3 - Radius: 12m Scrap Metal: 6
    • Rank 4 - Radius: 15m Scrap Metal: 10
    • Rank 5 - Radius: 18m Scrap Metal: 15

    Should you take Shrapnel? Recent changes to the skill have actually made it a viable option if you like to utilize a short range AE. A number of players have found it invaluable for CP defense missions. The scrap cost is nominal, so shouldn't be factored in. However, total skill point allocation may put this as a luxury you can't afford.

    • Ability: Rage - Utilize the power of Logos to increase the damage done by your attacks. The damage bonus is proportional to your adrenaline. At higher training levels, creates a radius aura that imparts the same effect on nearby squad mates.
      • Rank 1 - Damage Bonus: 30% Duration: 20 sec Self Only
      • Rank 2 - Damage Bonus: 30% Duration: 30 sec Group Range: 15m
      • Rank 3 - Damage Bonus: 40% Damage Resistance: 10% Duration: 40 seconds Self Only
      • Rank 4 - Damage Bonus: 40% Duration: 50 sec Group Range: 21m
      • Rank 5 - Damage Bonus: 40% Damage Resistance: 10% Duration: 60 sec Group Range: 24m

      Rage is a class defining skill useful to almost every class. The real question when it comes to Rage is how far to pump your skill. You'll notice two of the ranks are self only meaning how much you group needs to be taken into consideration. For soloers most would recommend Rank 3 saving 4 and 5 for those who have a squad regularly.

    • Training: Reflective Body Armor - Allows the use of Reflective Body Armor. This class of body armor reflects incoming shots back on the attacker. Each rank of this skill will provide 3% Damage Reflection per piece of armor worn.
    • Reflective Armor changes recently have made it efficient against all types of damage. While the armor rating may be lower than what you'd see in higher Tier equipment, the very high regen and ability to reflect back as much as 75% damage can't be overlooked. There are a number of Spies and Snipers that would argue it is in even more effective than Stealth Armor.

      • Training: Machine Guns - Allows the use of Machine Gun weapons. Each training level above Novice adds 10% damage when using these weapons. At skill level III gain improved heat dissipation allowing longer use before weapon overheating.
        • Rank 1 - No Bonus. Weapon Usage Allowed.
        • Rank 2 - 10% Weapon Damage Bonus
        • Rank 3 - 20% Weapon Damage Bonus 30% Heat Dissipation Bonus
        • Rank 4 - 30% Weapon Damage Bonus 60% Heat Dissipation Bonus
        • Rank 5 - 40% Weapon Damage Bonus 100% Heat Dissipation Bonus

        Machine Guns up until recent ammunition changes were an impractical and very expensive weapon to use. While it may only hold you over until Commando it still is a nice weapon to use close range. For Rangers, the weapon will still provide a great skill up until Spy and many Snipers still use it in conjunction with Shredder Ammo against things that get too close.

        We hope this information has been useful for you. Be sure to check out our forums for more about Soldiers!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016