People seem to have this interesting notion of getting together, forming groups, and generally having fun together. This interested me so much that I decided it a good idea to post about another so called "guild" that has posted information in our forums...

The Altdorf First

We will introduce large scale Warfare to Warhammer online. On WAR it seems one can only prevail through team work, a Rabble Army will never break down the walls of a great city.

With a Rigid and Militaristic Infrastructure, The Altdorf First aims to bring as many, many Men to the field of battle at each and every Conflict. We bring together Players of all skill levels and asks of them ony one thing, that they are utterly dedicated to Protecting the city of Altdorf and to destroying its Enemys.

The Altdorf First will achieve this through organising its troops into squads each led by a capable Sergeant, grouping the squads into Platoons and the Platoons, companies, the companies, an Army. An army of massive proportions. This will, of course only be possible through the use of dedicated members...

You can read more about them in their forum post here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016