Structured PvP can come with all sorts of rewards in Guild Wars 2, and systems designer Jonathan Sharp recently sat down for a chat with PC Gamer to lay out a few of the plans that ArenaNet has in store for players, starting with tournaments.

“We have this great big iceberg of what we want to do” he says. “Right now what you have is free tournaments that you get into, where you get your tickets to get you into the paid tournaments. [The paid tournaments] have better rewards – you can actually get gems through those, so it’s more of a case of putting money on the line and somebody’s going to get some really cool stuff.”

Sharp explained that there will be daily pickup tournaments along with monthly and even year-long contests as well as player customizable tournaments that can be run with friends or enemies. And for eSport broadcasters, or those that just like to watch, a spectator mode is on the way, but Sharpe couldn’t go into much detail about what to expect with it, but he acknowledges the need to build personalities within the community if their foray into eSports is thrive. So if ArenaNet’s plans are anything like Firefall’s eSports toolkit, it should make a few broadcasters happy.

Source: Guild Wars 2 PvP designer talks e-sports, spectator mode and streaming

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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