No relation to Arthur Miller.

For all intents and purposes, the MMOG industry was shocked when ArenaNet, the team that developed Guild Wars and all its subsequent expansions, announced that they were going to be creating a full-blown sequel to Guild Wars that would be a persistent-world MMORPG. Before a sequel could be produced, however, the ArenaNet team determined that they would need to combine the lore of the original Guild Wars with its sequel. Enter Guild Wars: Eye of the North, the first "true" expansion for the series. In order to pin down our information concerning Guild Wars: Eye of the North, we contacted Ben Miller, Design Lead for GW: EN and asked him a trove of questions. His answers are enlightening and entertaining, so sit back and read away!

Well, we figured we might as well go big or go home. As to what drew us towards doing dungeons in the first place, it was actually a combination of things. We all love a good dungeon crawl and have a few folks here with some experience making them. The other thing is we looked at some of the coolest things we have done, and the Sorrow's Furnace update is always high on that list. We look at that as our first real "dungeon", and decided to really expand on those design elements. Improving leaps and bounds over what we started with Kilroy, Alkar, and the rest of that crew.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016