DDO shook the MMOG world when they switched to a free-to-play model. To get the inside scoop of why the change was made and what’s in store for DDO in the future, Ten Ton Hammer tracked down Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer, and Erik Boyer, Producer. After plying them with numerous flagons of ale and casting charm spells on them, they agreed to talk.

Question: What type of items are consistently your best sellers?

Answer: There’s a few categories that always stand out and rise to the top, and really, they’re not very surprising if you play our game or similar games. We always see the Resurrection Cakes being very popular (those are the items that let you bring yourself back to life where you are without having to go back to the entrance of the dungeon or find a shrine or go back to town to heal up). That’s a convenience item and that’s how we categorize it.

Read the interview with Turbine's Fernando Paiz and Erik Boyer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016