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Hallow's End is a celebration of the Forsaken's freedom from the Scourge. It is celebrated by everyone (including the Alliance and Horde) and is an optional event that adds some quests and decorations across Azeroth and the Outlands for a short period of time.

If you want to know more about Hallow's End then visit our Hallow's End guide which gives details on all of the events that go on during the ingame holiday.



One of the costumes you can get from an Innkeeper.

A broom! These actually kinda hover and can be used to fly if you get the right one.

More brooms.

This is the pumpkin head that drops from the Headless Horseman.

Goblin Outfit

A pirate outfit. The pirate outfit changes you to a random race.

Near the Blood Elf starting area even has been decorated.

This is the first Hallow's End for the new zone, Eversong Woods.

More decorations in Eversong.

A Blood Elf Inn, notice the pumpkin full of candy.

Everywhere is decorated.

Notice the candles lit around the fountain.

The famous giant pumpkin inside of the Undercity plus more costumes.

Looks like two undead pirates are on the move.

The Undercity is finely decorated.


More Undercity.

The Whickerman outside of the Undercity.

This is where the Alliance go for one of their quests.

Lots of people gathering to raid the Headless Horseman.

Notice the pumpkin heads!

The Ten Ton Hammer guild was entering the area at the time.

All major cities are decorated and Ironforge is no exception.

The Ironforge inn. Notice the icon above your head telling you what you get. This time a trick.

One of the costumes, the Ninja.

Stormwind has a very nice display outside of their bank.

The Orge pumpkins always look cool.

Even Darnassus looks very appealing. The guards are quick to tell you they disapprove.

Whickerman are used for practice in putting fires out.

That's right! The Exodar has a Halloween theme.

The Inn inside of the Exodar.

The treat bag!

Notice the pumpkins?

Do you notice THIS pumpkin? That's right! A really huge one in one weird place.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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