If you are like many men, seeing mention of Valentine's Day just put you in a panic that you haven't gotten anything for your significant other yet. Before you dash out the door, and find something at Walgreens, take a quick moment to check out Savanja's article on in-game love.

Anyone that has made their home within a tight kind of guild, or server community, knows that bonds of friendship, and sometimes those deeper bonds of love, form. It’s inevitable when you spend time with any group of people that alliances, and rivalries will take hold. I know so many couples that have met the love of their lives in a MMO. I have seen so many friendships form that vastly outgrow the barriers of a virtual world. And to me, it seems such a pure way of making those connections, free of the physical worries of everyday interaction. I can be the geeky gamer girl that I am, and still find caring acceptance within the confines of this silly little box on my desk, which I lovingly refer to as my “cupholder”.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016