Does Hello Kitty ever say WAAAAGH?

If you are tired of all the red, black and carnage of WAR, then maybe it's time for something a little more pastel. Enter the lair of Hello Kitty Online where pinks and purples and cute rainbows replace the steel-edged gray and mottled skin tones. The time we have all been waiting for is almost upon us. The Hello Kitty Founders Beta starts on October 8th at 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

From the download page we find out the critical details:

Welcome to the HKO Download Center!

You are just one step away from our Hello Kitty Online game world! Feel free to download the game here. While you are downloading, don't forget to check out our interactive HKO TUTORIAL! Just click the button below and you can have a taste of the wonders in Sanrio Land!

So get ready it's almost Hello Kitty Online Time!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016