I play a lot of Xul and am currently on a crusade to see, this Season, if I can reach Grandmaster with him alone. Despite my love of the Hero, it’s fair to say that a lot of his talents could do with an overhaul but that his trait, despite its pushing power, is pretty much useless the moment you leave lane.

There are lengthy periods in any match (certainly towards mid and late game) where you’ll spend more time team fighting than you will pushing and at that point, his effectiveness - as far as I’m concerned - drops somewhat.

As it currently stands Xul automatically summons skeletons, up to a maximum of 4, when he is near to a minion that dies. Unless he’s directly in lane, his trait does nothing; I think that’s a real shame.

An example of how the UI could look when Xul has his Trait inactive, having acquired 4 skeletons. 

My proposal would be to allow Xul to toggle his Trait off and on by press D. When on, Xul would automatically summon and release skeletons as he does now whenever he’s in proximity to them. If you were to toggle his Trait off, Xul would store charges of skeletons up to a maximum of 4. When you activate the Trait again (even if you aren’t in line) 4 skeletons would appear besides Xul and attack the nearest enemy.

Not only would this make his Trait viable, but also allow many of his lane based talents to have some use during team fights. Would it be balanced? I think so. Xul would obviously have to acquire his skeletons before any team fight and for the most part, they’d act like Zagara’s Zerglings or Malfurion’s Trent. Undoubtedly they’d be more of a nuisance (especially with 4 or 6) but they’re also relatively easy to kill, especially to AOE.

What do you think? Could it work for Xul?

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017

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Lewis currently splits his time between Heroes of the Storm, Battlerite, and World of Warcraft, having covered MOBAs and MMOs for many years.