Our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List ranks each Hero in a Tier that we consider to be "the best" and while we have descriptions next to each detailing why they're there, its detail is intentionally limited: we want you to be able to quickly view the list and see where Heroes are placed. This article will, upon every change to our Tier List, reflect the best 5 assassins in Heroes of the Storm. 

Updated: 24 April 2017


Zul'jin is probably a better choice than heroes such as Valla or Cassia simply because his damage is not only fantastic, but his heroic ability (Taz'dingo) allows him to survive ridiculous amounts of punishment and often turn the tide of a fight. With solid wave clear, fantastic poke, a heal and if he has a strong front line, Zul'jin's damage can be absolutely eye-watering. He might lack some of the utility that Valla or Cassia bring (notably a stun and/or mitigation) but he makes up for this in his ability to trade with others, especially when he reaches level 10. I'll also add that on Battlegrounds such as Infernal Shrines or Battlefield of Eternity, Zul'jin is amazing at burning down the bosses.


Having arrived into the Nexus with ridiculously high win rates, it's not entirely surprising to see why Ragnaros is one of the best 5 assassins in Heroes of the Storm. With two ridiculously strong Heroic abilities (Lave Wave is fantastic against unorganised teams) combined with a kit that brings poke potential (Living Meteor) and strong AOE pressure (Blast Wave). Although he has already seen the potential of his kit nerfed - literally within a matter of days - it doesn't really change much. He still deals fantastic damage, has lots of sustain, relatively low cooldowns and is bloody good fun to play. There's every chance he'll have his numbers tweaked some more in the new year but for now, he'll comfortably carry you and your team if you manage to play him. Unfortunately his ban rates are ridiculous in Hero League: I've yet to play against him. 

The Butcher

I'm going to caveat this entry by stating that you'll rarely see The Butcher picked in competitive play but that isn't to say in Hero League he can't carry you and your team with ease. As long as you draft him late and ensure your team has a strong front-line, The Butcher can absolutely excel. His Lamb to the Slaughter gaurentees a kill, his Onslaught stun combined with his Hamstring can cause huge problems for a single target. If he can snowball early and gain blood stacks, or rotate lanes quick enough to complete his trait quest, his damage not only goes through the roof but he can then roam camps and bosses, and capture them with ease. As long as The Butcher doesn't dive in too early, he can be exceptional. 


Valeera can be incredibly oppressive. Not only is her opening stun an absolute nightmare to deal with, but her variety of potitions and her Ultimate (which makes her Unstoppable and invisible) make her a headache to deal with. Although she's primarily used for utility rather than burst (especially during the late stages of a match) she can comfortably secure 1 on 1 kills against a variety of heroes. As long as the enemy team haven't picked Tassadar, she should have a very easy time roaming to help secure kills and generally keep the enemy team on edge. Best of all, if she hangs back during a team fight she can regularly mop up. 


Considering so much of Heroes of the Storm revolves around grouping together to fight over an objective, there's little wonder Kael'thas has once again risen to the top. As long as you pursue his Flamestrike quest line (or our build guide) not only is his damage ridiculous mid and late game, but he can comfortably pressure any team from a fairly long range. Both of his heroic abilities are solid and give plenty of choices (Pyroblast is good versus Lucio) while Phoenix offers amazing area denial. Although it can be challenging to play Kael'thas against the prominence of double-warrior compositions, as long as you stay back and use your Gravity Lapse (empowered with your trait) you should be fine. 

Disagree with the above five? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017

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