Our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List ranks each Hero in a Tier that we consider to be "the best" and while we have descriptions next to each detailing why they're there, its detail is intentionally limited: we want you to be able to quickly view the list and see where Heroes are placed. This article will, upon every change to our Tier List, reflect the best 5 assassins in Heroes of the Storm. 

Updated: 21 December 2016


Perhaps contentious but Gul'dan has continued to rise in popularity and is regularly part of the competitive scene of Heroes of the Storm. What's especially strong about Gul'dan, despite his lack of mobility until level 20, is the fact he is capable of dealing consistently high damage, with very low cooldowns, combined with huge amounts of sustain. If left undisturbed during a team fight, he'll not only pressure an entire team thanks to his generous telegraphs and AOE pressure, but also outlast anyone else thanks to his Mana Tap Trait. If you combine this with his drain life, he can easily outlast most Heroes in 1 on 1 fights and while weak to crowd control, can often turn the tide of any fight thanks to Horrify - his AOE Heoric that fears all those affected. During later levels Gul'dan not only ramps up his ability power considerably, but also gains further sustain thanks to Healthstone which he can consume for a burst heal. Once he does eventually reach level 20, Horrify can be improved to last longer and cause Vulnerability resulting in it being able to carry most teams to victory. Unsurprisingly, Gul'dans combination of damage and sustain make him an incredible solo laner, invaluable on high sustain maps (Cursed Hollow/Battlefield of Eternity) and his low cooldown wave clear a must-have on maps such as Braxis Holdout. 


Valla has never been poor and after her rework, I'd argue she's even more valuable. Whether she's pursing an ability based talent setup, or one focused almost entirely on basic attacks, she's capable of dealing enormous damage from afar. While she might lack the long term pressure of Lunara, or the heightened range of Raynor, she makes up for this in burst and mobility. Her Vault ensures she can quickly engage or avoid incoming damage, while Hungering Arrow offers solid poke from afar. Her Multishock, if she maintains full stacks of Hatred, is more than capable of dealing eye-watering damage to a group of enemies. If you then factor in both her Heoric abilities offering control and damage, there's little wonder she's highly sought after. 


Having arrived into the Nexus with ridiculously high win rates, it's not entirely surprising to see why Ragnaros is one of the best 5 assassins in Heroes of the Storm. With two ridiculously strong Heroic abilities (Lave Wave is fantastic against unorganised teams) combined with a kit that brings poke potential (Living Meteor) and strong AOE pressure (Blast Wave). Although he has already seen the potential of his kit nerfed - literally within a matter of days - it doesn't really change much. He still deals fantastic damage, has lots of sustain, relatively low cooldowns and is bloody good fun to play. There's every chance he'll have his numbers tweaked some more in the new year but for now, he'll comfortably carry you and your team if you manage to play him. Unfortunately his ban rates are ridiculous in Hero League: I've yet to play against him. 


Perhaps a little contentious considering Zeratul is ranked higher than Tychus on our Tier List (I'd argue Zeratul is a stronger pick simply due to his burst and the large maps currently on rotation) Tychus is the pick when it comes to high health teams. Double warrior teams are very much a thing in Heroes of the Storm and are common place. Tychus is the only Hero who has huge amounts of access to damage modifiers based on maximum health, by default. His Trait allows him to rip through warriors with ease and if he's left unattended, he'll cut down an enemy team incredibly quickly. His Run and Gun provides some much needed mobility while Overkill offers further movement and reasonable clear. While Frag Grenade is reasonable straight forwards, its knockback is fantastic for offence and defence and both his Heorics - particularly Drakken Laser Drill - offers area denial and a continuous stream of damage. Although Tychus can be focused easily and will struggle against the likes of Varian, he's still a brilliant pick. 


Thrall has always been an exceptional Hero and one that brings bags of damage and utility. He has one of the strongest ranged pokes in the game (considering he's a melee assassin) while his Windfury not only provides some much needed mobility, but he also has amazing damage once he gets near. On objective based Battlegrounds and with the right talent choices he can comfortably poke from afar before cleaning up. I will add that although Sundering used to be his go-to Heroic, Earthquake has quickly replaced it after its recent improvements. The huge AOE slow that also triggers his trait every time it strikes an enemy Hero provides an incredible amount of sustain during any team fight. If you combine this with his root, there's little wonder he's first-pick.

Disagree with the above five? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016

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