Our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List ranks each Hero in a Tier that we consider to be "the best" and while we have descriptions next to each detailing why they're there, its detail is intentionally limited: we want you to be able to quickly view the list and see where Heroes are placed. This article will, upon every change to our Tier List, reflect the best 5 specialists in Heroes of the Storm. 

Updated: 21 December 2016

Sgt. Hammer

Enjoying a relatively high win rate since her trait was boosted, Sgt. Hammer is a very frustrating specialist to play against. Her range being 20% greater than any other Hero (except Raynor) allows her to poke from afar with ease. While in Siege Mode, she also gains additional range that places anyone wishing to reach her, in the firing line. When she begins to level up her basic attack damage can be enormous and her range, eventually, reaching unrivalled distances. This makes dealing with Sgt. Hammer particularly challenging as you need to draft directly against her in order to shut her down. If she's last, or second to last pick however this can often result in the opposing team having little or no direct counters to her. And, if all has gone well with her own team, they'll have picked a selection of Heroes that directly compliment her. With a strong front line of warriors and/or melee assassins, Sgt. Hammer can often remain in siege mode and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Worse still, she's exceptional at split-pushing thanks to her bonus damage against structures and on large maps such as Cursed Hollow, she can comfortably clear a Fort within seconds if left undisturbed. 


Sylvanas is, without question, an exceptional specialist. She has one of the most powerful traits in the game that allows her to disable any structure or minion, permanently, as long as she hits them with her basic attack. This puts her in a position where she can comfortably solo a Fort and its Towers without the need for a minion wave. Unsurprisingly this makes her devilishly good at split-pushing but it has also given rise to a tactic of five-man rushing one point on the map. Although said tactic is fairly easy to counter (players tend to wait until Sylvanas shows herself in a lane before moving to it) it can often result in the enemy being put under immediate pressure, and see them lose lane experience. On Battlegrounds that have AI objectives, such as Battlefield of Eternity or Infernal Shrines, her ability to disable structures places her at the forefront of drafting. It not only allows the objectives to push, but significantly reduces incoming damage from Forts and Towers. The result, inevitably, is a far more powerful push that opposing teams can struggle to deal with. While Sylvanas might be the queen of push, she's also more than capable of dealing high damage in a team fight against enemy Heroes. Her Shadow Dagger, capable of applying team wide damage over time, combined with her ranged silence (Heoric) and fast-firing Withering Fire make her a nuisance. It also helps she has an amazing escape in Haunting Wave. 


A Hero that requires a great deal of skill and personal ability, Abathur is either a detriment or invaluable asset to any team. His global presence, ability to push lanes and soak all lanes makes him a formidable specialist. On large maps, he's near impossible to locate and will - if left to push - quickly destroy Forts. What makes him so effective however is his Symbiote, while not truly a fifth player, does allow him to quickly bully lanes (turning any 1 on 1 into a 2 vs 1) while his Ultimate Evolution Heoric can turn any team fight (having two of any one Hero is incredible). The one downside to Abathur, as previously mentioned, is the fact that he not only requires a high level of skill, but he can be weak early game on objective lead maps. While his Symbiote helps, it's not necessarily a natural replacement for a true 5th member who's at every team fight. This requires any composition to not only factor this in, but be confident in the fact that when a fight breaks out, Abathur will be there to Symbiote and use Ultimate Evolution.


Although I'd always argue that Xul falls off massively mid to late game, primarily because Heroes of the Storm, at that point, no longer relies entirely on lane push, he still remains incredibly strong. On maps that are small, or with two lanes close together, Xul can dominate and soak easily. This not only allows him to push easily, but frees up the rest of his team to 4 man one lane. Blackheart's Bay is a perfect example of this as Xul can comfortably solo mid and top (often at the expense of ignoring the chest) so that his team can rush bottom. The enemy team has to respond and if they don't send enough players down to the bottom lane, it will quickly be overwhelmed and lost. All the while, Xul is continually pushing the top and middle lane to create an experience lead. I will add that Xul's value in team fights, regardless of when his lane strength dips, is still reasonably good. His Bone Prison is always great for securing a kill, while both his Heorics offer damage and zoning potential even if they are over time, rather than "burst". 


Right now Nazeebo is my most played Hero: I've always loved him. It's fair to say however that he's been awful for some time. He has begun to rise in popularity however, especially now that people pursue a spider-based talent build. Although he offers little burst and his Zombie Wall is still buggy, he's incredibly strong. His Corpse Spiders are capable of dealing amazing damage and the poke potential of them (when talented and with reduced cooldowns) makes him a frightening Specialist by the time he hits level 13. Combined with his Heroic, Ravenous Spirit, he can absolutely destroy enemy teams if left unchecked. The fact his Corpse Spiders also have a short cooldown at level 16 ensures he can bombard the enemy and there's little if anything they can do about it. If you also factor in his Zombie Wall acting as a body-blocking tool, alongside his toads for wide area pressure, there's little wonder he is seeing a resurgence. 

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016

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