Our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List  ranks each Hero in a Tier that we consider to be "the best" and while we have descriptions next to each detailing why they're there, its detail is intentionally limited: we want you to be able to quickly view the list and see where Heroes are placed. This article will, upon every change to our Tier List, reflect the best 5 supports in Heroes of the Storm.

Updated: 24 April 2017


As the king of win-rates, Malfurion is incredible right now. Not only does his heal over time (Regrowth) provide incredible amounts of sustain but his Innervate ensures his team will always have more mana than the opposition. Combine this with his ranged poke (Moonfire) and a near instant root and he has a flexible, invaluable kit. When you also consider his Heroics offer a boost of healing and/or a high burst silence, there’s little wonder he’s first pick, first ban material. On maps such as Dragonshire, Battlefield of Eternity or Towers of Doom, the sustain that Malfurion provides his team ensures they can outlast any opposition. With the right timing, Malfurion can also ensure single and multiple kills with his Root and comfortably reveal stealthed Heroes. If there’s any downside to Malfurion, it’s simply that he’s not entirely exciting to play. In fact, he’s rather slow and a little dull. Despite that, he can carry a team fairly hard and it’s the primary reason why he’s so popular.


Auriel is either a godly support Hero, or a liability and relies almost entirely on a competent team being able to supply her with energy. Her trait, Bestow Hope, allows her to gain energy from an allied Hero based on a percentage of the damage they deal. In simple terms, the more damage they do, the more she’ll be able to heal. As Auriel doesn’t rely on mana, this means - potentially - she has a limitless supply of healing potential. The mechanics of her trait and abilities however does determine that unless she’s with a high damage composition (such as Valla/Lunara/Kael’thas) that she’ll simply struggle to gain enough energy. On the flip side, if she does have the right composition she’s outrageously strong and, by some margin, can easily surpass Malfurion for sustain. When it comes to her Heorics, Resurrect certainly has its value (especially on large maps) while Crystal Aegis can keep a vulnerable player alive. If the intake of energy on Auriel is especially high, she can often Aegis someone and restore them to full health the moment it pops.


Brightwing has been up and down in terms of balance for many months and now finds herself free of Blizzards tinkering and in a rather good spot. While she lacks the burst heal of Auriel or the sheer abundance of healing over time that Malfurion offers, she brings bags of utility. Her trait constantly ticks out a solid heal, her Pixie Dust is invaluable against basic attack heavy teams, while her Polymorph can shut down high value targets such as Kerrigan or Varian. What’s fundamental to Brightwing however is her ability to teleport to any Hero on the Battleground, allowing her to quickly fly to their aid or to split-push before appearing for a team fight. This allows her to comfortably protect a solo laner (quickly turning any 1 on 1 into a 2 v 1) whilst her Heorics, Emerald Wind and Blink Heal, both offer bags of utility. Emerald Wind provides an incredible AOE knockback whilst boosting your next Soothing Mist (trait heal) where as Blink Heal teleports you to a nearby player, healing them for around 500, complete with two charges. If Brightwings base kit wasn’t flexible enough, she only gets stronger with talents thanks to Vulnerability on Polymorph or significant ability damage reduction on Pixie Dust.



Without doubt the strongest Support hero in the game, Lucio brings a huge amount of survivability and utility to any team. Not only does he provide himself and his team with amazing mobility but his healing over time and his AOE shielding potential is incredible. If you also factor in his use of scenary to avoid attacks or reposition and his knockback that's invaluable for protecting himself or a team mate, it's not surprising to see him as the highest win-rate support hero in the game. What's particularly powerful about Lucio is that it's actually hard to play him badly - all his songs are AOE based, his knockback is generous and even his Ultimate abilities are instant (with no aim required). The only complexity is utilising his trait and even that's incredibly easy to do after only a few games with him. 


Rehgar has had a mixed time as a support Hero. Buffed, nerfed, buffed again. He has however found himself on the receiving end of some particularly nice improvements in recent patches, notably to the much loathed Bloodlust. Not only does Rehgar now bring with him a valuable heal and slow, but he's also more than capable of dealing respectable melee damage when also combined with his Storm Shield. What's particularly interesting about the improvements to Rehgar is that he can now be played aggressively and if you do pickup Bloodlust, there's still the damage component alongside its healing. If you also consider his mobility from Ghost Wolf and the 90% slow he gains on his Earth Totem at later talents, there's little wonder he's now regularly picked. 

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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017

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