Our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List  ranks each Hero in a Tier that we consider to be "the best" and while we have descriptions next to each detailing why they're there, its detail is intentionally limited: we want you to be able to quickly view the list and see where Heroes are placed. This article will, upon every change to our Tier List, reflect the best 5 warriors in Heroes of the Storm.

Updated: 31 July 2017


Amazing in a double warrior composition, Anub'arak is difficult to pin down, has great mobility and survivability. Best of all, he's absolutely fantastic against mages such as Jaina and Kael'thas, while still having the ability to dive the enemy back-line. Although he'll suffer if he's the only warrior, he really does excel if you can grab two. Ideally, someone like Artanis or Arthas alongside Anub'arak is the perfect mix of back-line assault and front-line harrassment. Enemy teams can struggle to deal with Anub'arak as he dives in and with effective stuns, he's more than capable of disrupting. 


Artanis is a difficult hero to play well and similarly to Anub'arak, he's fairly poor by himself. With no reliable "out" he relies more on staying in a fight, rather than escaping when things go wrong. Despite this limitation, Artanis is not only difficult to bring down but his mobility with Blade Dash combined with Phase Prism (to pull an enemy player out of position) can cause so much misery. If timed correctly, it can pretty much gaurentee a kill every time, especially if you grab a squishy hero. Combined with his global blind or Purifier Beam to zone out one player, Artanis remains a solid pick. 


The Lich King is pretty amazing after his recent rework. Not only is his level of crowd control amazing, but he can also take a beating and deal significant damage. With the right talent choices, he can constantly secure kills thanks to his Howling Blast, while sustaining himself thanks to Death Coil. If he can get someone trapped with Frozen Tempest, he'll happily go toe-to-toe with any hero and come out on top, with barely a scratch. Finally, Army of the Dead provides a considerable amount of sustain while his trait offers a reliable burst of damage and mana return. Overall, Arthas is an amazing solo warrior and fits in perfectly with duo compositions. 


Dehaka has always been good, but he struggled to wrestle a place away from the likes of Johanna or Muradin simply because he worked as an off-tank, rather than a solo one. Part of the reason for this was his reliance on Essence, but also because of the fact his talents provided too little mitigation. Blizzard have, for the most part, remedied these issues and Dehaka can now be the only warrior and be comfortable in the role. He now has such much needed control over his Burrow and if he talents for it, can comfortably escape (thanks to being able to move underground). Not only that but he now has lots of sustain thanks to easier Essence gain and a second Heroic (Adaptation) that's actually viable. His Drag remains invaluable, he has surprisingly high damage output and his Brushstalker global travel remains very powerful. 


Sonya has been up and down our tier list over the last year and with her recent buffs, she's back on top. Although she's still somewhat slow (and predictable), her stun remains viable and both her Heroics are effective. What makes her so strong however is the fact her sustain is unrivalled. Her Whirlwind provides enormous amounts of health return and allows her to dive deep and still make it out alive. She isn't great as a solo warrior, but as off-tank she's fantastic. Capable of quickly taking camps, soloing bosses and farming lanes; Sonya is also exceptional at taking on any other hero 1 on 1. 

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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017

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