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Holiday Content Round-Up

Does anyone else out there feel as though the Holidays suddenly sneak
up and backstab our wallets and free-time every single year? I don't
know why I never see them coming. You would think that I'd come to
expect it around the same time each year, right? No such luck!

One of the most difficult things to get straight every year, is how I'm
going to balance my time between family, parties, public appearances as
Santa Claus (it happens!), and all the wonderful holiday-themed content
that gets pushed out for a limited time during this time of year. How
do I decide whether to rescue Paragon City from Lady Winter, or obtain
my very own glittering Yule Pony?

Step one is to be as informed as possible. And so, in the interest of
making your holiday season a bit easier to deal with, I've assembled a
simple Round-Up of the content being offered in many of the industry's
largest MMOGs.

World of Warcraft - Feast of Winter Veil

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style="width: 280px; height: 397px;" alt="OMGSANTA"

This merriest season of the Azerothian year couldn't come at a better
time. Fresh off the destruction that Deathwing's rampage has caused to
the world, the denizens of this WoW's various factions are definitely
in need of some good old winter holiday cheer.

Running from December
until January
, these festivities will offer the opportunity to earn
about 10 different achievements while completing a handful of seasonal
quests, all while munching on about a dozen food items only available
during this event. Also be sure to visit your nearest capital city to
see the lights, trees and other decorations lining every street and
building, and to pick up your very own presents from beneath the trees
on the morning of December
! Prizes in past years have included remote-controlled
cars, reindeer mini-pets and much more, all exclusively offered during
the Winter Veil celebration.

A few of the achievements require PvP activity, but if these aren't
your style work on them early! Chances are that you'll run across
others attempting to get the same achievements, which may make for a
more cheerful experience. And who doesn't love a good old-fashioned
snowball fight?

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And don't forget - many of the seasonal achievements available during
this limited time can allow dedicated celebrators to earn long-term
rewards like the Violet Proto-Drake!

For help on getting the most out of the Feast of Winter Veil, href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow/guides/sesonal/winterveil"
target="_top">check out Ten Ton Hammer's Guides.

EverQuest II - Frostfell

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style="width: 150px; height: 227px;" alt="OMGSAN...ta?"

Frostfell arrived early this year, surprising players by launching
during a period of hotfix maintenance on style="font-weight: bold;">December 7th. For
the fourth year running, players of EQ2 can visit the Frostfell
Wonderland Village to obtain quests, craft exclusive holiday-themed
items, and pick up their daily presents courtesy of Santa Glug (a very
festive, but slightly creepy goblin dressed in holiday garb).

The primary purpose of the quests given at this time of year is to
obtain items known as the Frozen Tokens of E'ci which can be traded for
unique items, clothing and decorations for your home. This year offers
return revelers a whole bunch of new items to obtain including icy home
decor, high-end armor sets and much more. There is also as a new quest
called the Frostfell Fanatic which will have players running across the
face of Norrath on a scavenger hunt that will reward you with your very
own Santa Glug Sleigh! Which, sadly, is just decor for your home, and
not a working mount. But it sure is festive.

SOE has posted a complete announcement that includes href="http://everquest2.com/news/read/current/3782"
target="_top">links to Frostfell guides on the EQ2 website.

Lord of the Rings Online - Yule Festival

alt="Welcome to Winter-home"

In the words of this
festival's designer, Lauren
"Budgeford" Salk
, "This festival looks
different, feels different, and is different. It is not the usual
event-in-a-box that we have been making again and again... This one is
bigger, more immersive, and doesn’t just layer more content on top of
the existing festival areas."

The biggest change that came with
this event, is that the LOTRO team has set aside an entire region for
the festivities instead of just dropping mini-games on top of existing
content. The celebration takes place in a snow-covered village called
Winter-home. Contained within this winter wonderland is an ongoing
snowball fight event, an eating contest, a theatre event and a bunch of
seasonal quests that will all give players new opportunities to pick up
unique and limited-time prizes and presents, including a new cloak,
several new outfits, and a glittering yule pony mount.

What is a
"theatre event" you ask? Well, the ingenious and tireless developers at
Turbine have devised a new type of content that, while set outside the
established questing system, nonetheless allows players to participate
in a story event as it unfolds. And, through the use of emotes,
actually drive the story down a path of their choosing!

style="width: 402px; height: 170px;" alt="The show must go on!"

larger story of Winter-home is one that players will also play a role
in determining the outcome. Whether they side with the greedy and
self-serving mayor of the town, or stand up for the goodness of the
little folk, the outcome is determined solely by the choices a player
is allowed to make along the way.

For more information about LOTRO's Yule Festival check out
these developer blog posts:

target="_top">The Festival Setting

target="_top">The Theatre Event

Dungeons & Dragons Online - Festivult

The city of
Stormreach is no stranger to this annual tradition, which has been
underway in one fashion or another since the style="font-weight: bold;"> first day of December,
will continue until the last
day of December
. In the darkness of the
month of Vult, the Coin Lords of Stormreach have banded together to
create a celebration to drive the monsters and gloom away.

style="float: left; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 235px; height: 252px;"
style="width: 225px; height: 238px;" alt="Festivult"

undertaking quests in the region will occasionally obtain Festivult
coins from treasure chests, and can return them to the Jester in
Stormreach for a few festive prizes, primarily in the form of cookies.
Who doesn't love cookies?! But the Jester is a mischievous and
mysterious fellow and will also occasionally gift adventurers with rare
and powerful artifacts, seemingly at random.

If chest-diving
isn't exactly your speed, you can also enjoy the Risia Ice Games which
will come to town twice during the month: style="font-weight: bold;">Dec 13 thru Dec 16
and again
Dec 26 thru Jan 3.
One of the biggest attractions is the challenging
ice jumping course that offers prizes if you're dextrous enough with
your aerial acrobatics.

And last, and many may consider least,
Turbine is offering up a whole horde of goodies on sale in the DDO
store during this festive time of year. Additionally, all players will
receive a bonus to their experience and guild renown gains, as well as
their loot drops, from December
20th until January 1st
. So get out
there and deck some goblins in the holly berries. Fa la la, etc.

target="_top">Click here to read the official Festivult
Announcement at DDO.com

City of Heroes - Winter Event

lacking a cleverly catchy title like most of the others on this list,
the COH Winter Event definitely stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the
others in terms of content and spirit.

style="width: 309px; height: 534px;" alt="The Candy Keeper"

Just for logging in
between December 17th
and January 3rd,
all heroes will be given an
earmuff costume piece unlock, a special temporary power that helps
prevent experience debt, and a gift that can be given to their fellow
players. These gifts contain random goodies that can be temporary
powers, costume unlocks, or great heaping bags of Influence/Infamy.

far from the end of the celebration, though. A mischievous elf known
as Gamester has littered the world with presents that can contain a
variation of goodies (or baddies!) including the Candy Cane Salvage
that the Candy Keeper is seeking. He'll give you prizes if you bring
enough salvage to him at the Ski Chalet. While you're there, try a
speed run down the icy ski lifts to earn Bronze, Silver and Gold badges!

all is not sweetness and light in Paragon City. In the deep cold of
winter, the wicked Lady Winter has decided to launch her diabolical
plans to freeze the entire planet! Whether a hero or a villain, this
would put a serious crimp in your future plans, so gather your
friends/minions and put an end to her dasterdly plans! You'll also have
to rescue Baby New Year from the clutches of Snaptooth, for if Father
Time is unable to pass on his legacy the entire universe may come to a
chilly end!

Get more details about this superpowered Winter Event href="http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/events/winter_event.html"
target="_top">over at NCSoft's site.

Age of Conan - A Bloody Solstice

style="float: left; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 310px; height: 276px;"
style="width: 300px; height: 226px;" alt="Conan Revels"

The world of Conan is known
for violence and glorious bloodshed, and it remains true even in this
celebratory time of year. While most tribes celebrate the renewal of
all things with a relatively peaceful solstice feast, the conquering
Vanir have taken the opportunity to oust the Aesir from their holy
feasting grounds. This atrocity cannot stand, and so you and your
fellow adventurers must heed the call to bring vengeance to the Vanir

Two new solo quests and one group quest are offered
with this seasonal content, as well as a half-dozen unique social
rewards and a Vanir "companion" to join you on your journeys (whether
he likes it or not).

Keep an eye on href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/115"
target="_top">Ten Ton Hammer's AoC community site
for more information as this content launches.

EVE Online - The Echelon Holiday Ship

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 310px; height: 226px;"
style="width: 300px; height: 200px;" alt="Echelon"

a gift to all active ship captains in the EVE universe, CCP is handing
out one free cutting edge ship per account. The Echelon is said to be
in possession of some impressive encryption technology, as well as
incorporating enigmatic Sansha technology into its systems.

To redeem this unique and limited-time offer, href="http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=830&utm_source=newsletter50&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter50&sp_rid=MjgxNTExNDAwMgS2&sp_mid=36078720"
target="_top">follow the redemption details available in
this CCP Dev Blog.

(Note: This ship is not
available for trial accounts, and the offer ends style="font-weight: bold;">January 3rd, 2011

LEGO Universe - Frostivus

style="float: left; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 204px; height: 316px;"
style="width: 203px; height: 261px;" alt="brrrrr!"

Once a year, a comet that houses the
city of Frostburgh comes hurtling through space and passes close enough
to Nimbus Station that it thaws out and the town comes to life! During
this brief period of activity, the citizens of Frostburgh offer events
and prizes to visitors, and occasionally reward them with unique items
that can only be found in the snowy city.

If running errands for
the locals isn't really your speed, you can try your hand at a
winterized race track that includes ice-patches and rampaging
snow-monsters. Or just pick up a handful of the white fluff that falls
in abundance in Frostburgh, and have a snowball fight with your friends
and neighbors.

This event will run until
January 1st
, when the
comet will pass out of the range of Nimbus Station leaving the city of
Frostburgh to once again ice over, and will not return again until next

Fallen Earth - Holiday Apocalypse Challenge

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 234px; height: 287px;"
style="width: 220px; height: 263px;"

Not every game offers its content within the confines of the game
world. But then, not every game can use the terms "holiday" and
"apocalypse" in the same breath without causing eyebrows to raise.

Fallen Earth is running a giveaway sweepstakes that requires nothing
more than a registration, and frequent log-ins to the game world. Once
registered, each daily entry between
now and January 7th
will put players in the drawing for
massive prizes sponsored by big names like Alienware and Patriot
Memory. Also up for grabs are a series of in-game vehicles!

Visit target="_top">FallenEarth.com for complete entry details and
rules of the contest. And happy hunting!

Global Agenda - 12 Drops of Christmas

One simply cannot survive on arena PvP shoot 'em up alone. Sometimes
you need silly hats to motivate you!

Global Agenda is launching a campaign aimed at that specific need.
Beginning on December 16th and running until January 9th, they will be
introducing a new set of challenges every 2 days with the reward for
each challenge being a festive piece of seasonal head flair that will
strike fear and uncontrollable laughter into the hearts of your
opponents. Collect all 12 to earn a bonus 13th prize!

alt="12 drops of Christmas"

Further details of each challenge will be announced href="http://www.globalagendagame.com/12drops/main.html"
target="_top">on Global Agenda's event page.


any tips to share about your favorite in-game holiday celebrations? Did
I fail to mention a favorite of yours? Leave a comment below to share
your holiday content stories, wishes or favorite guides!

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