Contrary to popular belief, video gaming can cultivate some useful life skills as opposed to being an activity that is for lazy and unproductive types. Most gamers tend to disagree, and believe that there are some amazing lessons to be learned from the adventures of gaming. These skills can applied across industries, including programming jobs and other kinds of professions; one of the most essential skills is the tenacity to out your mind to anything you can achieve.

Because gamers often go through adventures and stages through games such as Mario, Final Fantasy, and even Angry Birds where only your efforts determine how far you get. Some games even go the extra mile of advocating team work; these games include Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. We all know that teamwork is an important and crucial in the working environment; people with a passion for gaming tend to work well within a team. 

Video gamers are known to spend hours on end trying to reach the next level of a game; sometimes even days. Persistence is a key trait in moving forward in your career, not matter how many times you fall off a horse; the lesson is to get back up and ride it again. Pac-Man enthusiasts may identify with this. Mistakes and failure are that inevitable part of a developing career and video games teach avid gamers to keep trying because success is often measured by one’s persistence as opposed to talent. 

Dealing with stress in the workplace is a skill almost everyone needs, levelling grind is one way of dealing with obstacles because gaming is not all fun and games. Platforming and levelling is frustrating and highly competitive which may end in a gamer losing, persistent gamers will always get back on that horse and ride it!

Lastly, resource management is another fantastic trait in the workplace that ensures the general smooth running of operations. Effective resource management can save both time and money and this is another skill that RTS players might fine tune while a balance between a limited wallet and unlimited desires. A good lesson to take away from gaming is that there is always something to lose and it is vital to practice, persist and to innovative. 

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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2016

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