Keeping score in online gaming is not a new concept, so why aren't we seeing more of it in MMOs? Player made rankings are making a show in EverQuest II, so perhaps the desire for it is bigger than we think. Do you support EQ2 scoreboards? If you do, what stats need to be showcased? Grab a cup of coffee and sit a bit with Savanja to chat about keeping score in EQ2.

Take a look at our own Venekor's guild rankings as posted by one of the forum regulars. This says to me that MMO gamers do desire the ability to keep track of the in game score. And in fact EverQuest II does happen to have the EQ2Players site that keeps track of basics in game, such as discoveries, kills vs. death, and wealth that can be listed by world wide or server wide. I never check them, but I'm sure some people do or they wouldn't be there.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016