IMGDC 2007 - Would You Rather Have Class or Skill? - A Round Table Discussion on Advancement in MMOs

Throughout the lifetime of MMOs, there has always been one persistent debate among gamers: Which is better, a class or skill advancement system? Today, we had the opportunity to sit in on that same conversation, except this time it was in front of a group of indie MMO developers who are directly influenced by the possibilities of both systems. Was a consensus reached among the developers at IMGDC 2007? Read more to find out!

However, with the success of class systems in the "mainstream" marketplace, there were members of the panel who believed that there was a certain amount of comfort in picking a class rather than filtering through a list of skills. Most players familiar with MMOs, Dungeons and Dragons, or fantasy-as-a-genre, are fairly familiar with the classes that many developers inherently put into their game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016