Hanzo's W is a difficult ability to master and has many tricks. Before anything else let me recommend using On-Release casting rather than quick cast as it can allow you to line up your Scatter Arrows more effectively. It is especially good for learning how the ability bounces since it shows the 5 or 7 initial Scatters. Instead of jumping right into some niche tricks let’s see some more well-known tips. 

  • Scatter Arrow can bounce off of walls multiple times, making small areas of the map ideal for scattering if enemies tread there.
  • Scatter Arrow is a strong tool for pressuring the enemy backline due it its long range. Refresh its cooldown by autoing the enemy frontline and then scatter the backline to discourage them from pushing up. Just make sure to start scattering the focus if your team looks for a kill on frontline.
  • Scatter Arrow requires good positioning. Keep yourself in an area where you have multiple walls which can bounce Scatter Arrow to enemies. Keep repositioning as enemies move to always allow yourself a good Scatter Arrow.

With these tips you can basically do most of what you want. It will get you through most games and you will rarely run into any situations where you cannot get the job done. If you enjoyed the treasure hunts here on TTH then you can visit Choice Casinos and try your luck there. However, there is room to optimize and these tricks should help with that.

  • Corners are not actually sharp angles. Rather, they are actually rounded and allow you to shoot Scatter Arrow at basically any angle coming off of it. This allows you to make difficult shots where enemies are just behind a corner and you need to make a 179 degree shot.
  • Enemy turrets can be a good tool for finishing off a retreating enemy. Turrets are Octagons and thus have a 45 degree angle if you face them head on, allowing you to Scatter parallel to the wall, hitting the enemy as they reach their gate.


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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018

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