Tigole over at Blizzard has posted the following in regards to some issues recently found with some instances:

Yesterday we discovered the bug that was causing monsters in the Gauntlet wing of Stratholme to leave combat on a frequent basis. This would cause the monsters to behave oddly and regen health and mana instantly.

In addition to fixing this bug, we also addressed several other issues with the zone. We are going to lengthen the respawn on the roaming gargoyles slightly, as well as the respawn on some of the wandering duo's in the Bastion. Conjurers will also conjur less frequently.

As for other dungeons, many of the creatures in Gnomeregan, Uldaman and Razorfen Downs will take longer to respawn.

Please note: These changes will not take place until the next content patch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016