Pushed back?! What do we do now?... well, you could play a little Warhammer

In a Ten Ton Hammer Exclusive interview, we talk to Erik Mogensen of Games Workshop and find out what their views are on taking an established IP and transitioning it over to the virtual world are and what that process is like.

What was your first reaction when EA Mythic approached you about making another Warhammer MMOG? There was already one Warhammer MMOG that never made it to the final stage of production, why did you want to try the process again?

EM: We were excited. We never stopped thinking that a Warhammer MMOG was a good idea; we just realized that we were better off letting someone else produce it. So when Mythic approached us, we were glad that such a capable company was interested. And, as Mark Jacobs has often pointed out, we’ve known each other for years, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise!

With some exclusive screenshots to go with it, this is an interview you won't want to miss

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016