Age of Conan has been rapidly changing over the past several months and a lot of that change can be attributed to Game Director Craig Morrison. Having taken the helm post-launch, his time with AoC has proven to be very successful with major overhauls of key features and content additions to fill every possible gap.

Ten Ton Hammer had the chance to talk with Craig and find out what Update 1.04 has meant to the game and to the fanbase. We also got a wonderful glimpse into the future revamp of itemization and stats, details on the importance of PvP, and why gamers should give AoC another chance.

Ten Ton Hammer: So now that this first update has come in do you have an idea of what the team will be focusing on next?

Craig Morrison: Well we've already got our next update going which will have the revamp of the items and statistics. Basically quite early on, immediately after launch, the players didn't feel there was any real incentive through the itemization of the game to progress. The statistics, such as strength or dexterity, didn't really mean enough to them to be worth investing the time in upgrading it. It was a conscience decision early on in Age of Conan development to not make the game item-centric and to make it more skill based but I think that it is fair to say that we've come to the conclusion internally that we probably went too far. When a player can wield a level 30 dagger at level 80 and not feel the difference we didn't get it right.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016