Meet the new lead designer!

New lead designer for Everquest, Ryan "Rytan" Barker, recently gave an interview about what to expect from the future. There weren't any specifics discussed about the upcoming expansion, but we have a general idea of where the game is headed.

What was the most important lesson you learned with Secrets of Faydwer that you'll adopt for future expansions?

[rbarker]: I can’t really think of any one specific thing that came directly from Secrets of Faydwer that we’ll be basing changes on. It’s more of a gradual process of watching the game develop and seeing what worked over the long term rather than picking apart short term changes. Although if I had to pick something I think it would be to recognize the power that a heavy hitting story character like Kerafyrm can have to drive a story forward. Other smaller things that I’d like to expand on are the “solo” monsters that we experimented with in Dragonscale Hills, and I’d like to experiment more with some smaller raid content like the couple 2 group events that were in Bloodmoon Keep.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016