landed a great interview with Everquest 2 Producer Scott Hartsman, discussing the soon to be released expansion, Kingdom of Sky!

In this case, Kingdom of Sky is an extension of a storyline first presented in Desert of Flames, where the Overrealm was first alluded to by the efreeti and djinn. It turns out that it’s a real place, not just legend.

This story involves power struggles between the dragons who currently rule the part of the Overrealm that Kingdom of Sky takes place in. (“The Dragon Isles.”)

Without spoiling too much of what we’d like people to discover: Following the theft of an extremely important Qeynosian artifact, the leaders of both cities have their own agendas on what role they’d like their citizens to play.

This is a must read for every EQ2 gamer! Check out the interview, and see some very nice KoS screenshots at!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016