When you think of FusionFall, an MMOG by The Cartoon Network, you might imagine this being a game made for kids and with a largely dominate child population. However, in an interview conducted by Zam.com with Richard Weil, Community Director on FusionFall, Zam uncovered some little known facts. FusionFall actually has a high population of college age girls. Not only did the interview cover the possibility of the next Girls Gone Wild location, but it also talked about new and upcoming content for the game as well.

ZAM: What has been your biggest surprise since launch?

Everybody asks me that question! My biggest surprise, in beta, was how our closed beta audience, and open beta audience was, to a great degree, skewed. We had so many community leaders who were totally out of our target demographic, so they were... you know, girls. College age girls. They loved Power Puff Girls as kids and they liked the anime style look of the game. So we have a lot of really strong community people who are adults, but late teens, early twenties, girls. That was a big surprise to me to see that, to see how it appealed to them, which is good! Still a great mass of our audience is in that target demographic: boys 8-14.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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