The Truth About His Departure took some time to talk to Mark Firor who has recently left Mythic Entertainment. Speculation can now cease as to the reason for this move as he shares the truth with all of us.

Matt Firor was the producer of Dark Age of Camelot and Executive Producer for all of Mythic until he stepped down a few weeks ago. Hot on the heels of the EA deal to buy Mythic, the timing was conspicuous to say the least. We get the truth from Matt about why he left. According to the official release, you left Mythic due to the commute. Obviously, with the timing so close to the EA buyout, there are a lot of skeptics. Can you explain exactly why you chose to leave Mythic and the reason for the timing?

Found out what the answer is and then stop by the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and tell us your thoughts.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016